A Message from Fr. Daniel Griffith: Our Prayers and Solidarity October 12, 2023

Our Prayers go out to those in this war. We are in mourning for all those who have lost their lives. 

Ten Years On
Healing a Wounded Church and the Work that Remains

Red Mass
October 26, Noon
Celebrant: Archbishop Bernard Hebda. All lawyers, canon lawyers, judges and others involved in the administration of justice – along with their families – are invited to mass and lunch to follow. All are welcome to attend. 

Saint John’s Theology Day
November 2, 6:30pm
The Resurrection of the Dead and the Life of the World to Come with Fr. Michael Patella, OSB 

The Eucharist Source and Summit Series
November 30, 5:30pm 
The Incarnate Word of God and the Eucharist by Dr. Martin Connell, Professor at The University of Notre Dame.

The Basilica Fund 2023: Sustain & Grow
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