Architecture A Building of Hope

Since its inception the Basilica of Saint Mary was always intended to be a place of worship, a haven of beauty, and a beacon of hope.


The present Basilica organ was installed in 1949 as Wicks Opus 3047 and was formally dedicated to the Glory of God on October 15, 1950.


Reardon Rectory

The Reardon Rectory was erected in 1927-1928 as a residence and business office for the rector and assistant priests of The Basilica.


Reconciliation Chapels

The reconciliation chapels are designed to enhance the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Saint Joseph Chapel

Built as part of the 1999-2000 development of The Basilica Undercroft, this chapel is located on ground level and was dedicated in 2000.


Stained Glass Windows

The Basilica windows were designed, executed and installed by Thomas J. Gaytee Studios of Minneapolis.


Statues of the Apostles

The marble statues surrounding the Sanctuary depict the apostles. Carved in Italy, they are half size copies of those in St. John Lateran, Cathedral of Rome.