Donna Wieneke

Donna Wieneke Development Representative

I came to The Basilica in 2014 in search of young adult fellowship, having heard that the young adult ministry was highly regarded. I did indeed find fellowship as well as a church that I feel embodies my values of social justice, inclusion, and modern Catholicism. Since joining The Basilica, I have been a part of several different ministries including as a counselor with the employment ministry, a leader for The Basilica Young Women, and participant in the weekly young adult bible study. I have attended the Call to Discipleship Volunteer Leadership Series and I currently serve as a Eucharistic minister team leader.

Outside of the church’s walls, I am a social worker for Fairview Home Care in which I work with older adults and their families to connect them with community resources and provide support through health transitions. In reflecting on the church’s vision, I am drawn to the aspiration of being a “Beacon of Hope.”