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Steven Kim Vice Chair & Liturgy and Sacred Arts

I moved to Minneapolis for work at the end of 2014 and started “church hopping” to see which church around the area I wanted to call home. I started with The Basilica and was antsy to see what the liturgy would look like. The butterflies went away as I experienced the fullness of Mass during my first 9:30am Mass—it felt like home. I attended all the other Mass times at The Basilica and was drawn by the diversity it offered. I continued church hopping for due diligence but, in the end, I returned to where it started and became a member of The Basilica in 2015.

I have been very involved with The Basilica ever since. I started with the weekly Young Adult Bible Study, and the Cathedral Choir. I am a member of the Contemporary Music Ensemble now and still cantor. I am a member of the Campus Space Planning Committee and volunteer for the New Member Brunch.

I believe that The Basilica is a hub for the Twin Cities. As a hub for a diverse city, the experiences that the liturgy and the sacred arts from The Basilica provide need to reflect the diversity in the community—I will work together with the rest of the Parish Council to ensure that this diversity is well represented in the Liturgy and Sacred Arts department if I am elected into the Parish Council.

Professionally, I work for General Mills in Supply Chain. I have been with GMI for 7 years, starting out at one of our manufacturing plants in our accelerated development program for 2 years.