Confirmation The gifts of the Holy Spirit

Receiving the Gifts of the Spirit: Youth and Adults

We are so glad you have chosen our parish to begin your preparation for this sacrament.

Role of the community

“The Confirmation candidates need the community’s prayers, witness and support throughout the preparation process. In offering catechesis to the parents and sponsors, the Church shows its love for and eagerness to support them as well as their children.”
– National Catechetical Directory #117

Youth Registration

8th Grade Youth Confirmation Prep

Youth Confirmation Preparation 2023-2024

Youth from both public and Catholic Schools will celebrate the Sacraments of Confirmation together. Classes will be held on Sunday evenings from 3:30-5:00pm in the Basilica School. Students and families are encouraged to attend Mass following their class.

Our Confirmation preparation is designed to encourage active engagement in our post Confirmation Youth Ministries. Students will be expected to attend preparation classes on the First Sunday of each month. Families are asked to attend our opening parent-teen dinner meeting. Additionally, students are required to attend one on campus retreat, participate in three Masses together as a class, and actively participate in at least three Basilica YES Youth Ministry events outside of preparation classes.

Our schedule is as follows:

Sunday, September 24, Parent/student meeting and pizza in the Great Hall for Youth Ministry families (mandatory for Confirmation families).                                                                                  

Sunday, October 1                           

Sunday, November 5                      

Sunday, December 3

Sunday, December 10, Youth attend Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass (5:00pm)                          

Sunday, January 7

Sunday, January 28, Youth attend 5:00pm Mass.

Sunday, February 4                         

Sunday, March 3, Youth Confirmation Retreat with sponsor, 2-6:15pm, prayer and the Mass

Sunday, March 17, Youth attend 5:00pm Mass.

Sunday, April 7  (pending Confirmation date from ARCHSPM

Rite of Sending


(Students will be required to sign-in and complete a reflection form for three additional Youth Ministry events during the year.)            

Parish Policies for Sacraments

  • All families celebrating sacraments at The Basilica of Saint Mary must be registered member of the parish.
  • Youth must participate in weekly classes the year in which they are to receive the sacrament,and attend Mass on a weekly basis.  
  • Students are expected to participate in Faith Formation or Catholic school in the years prior to 10th Grade.
  • A recently issued copy of your child’s baptism certificate MUST be on file at the Basilica PRIOR to receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.  If your child was baptized at the Basilica, you will not need to request a copy. 

We welcome you wherever you are on your faith journey and hope you find a home here at The Basilica.

Those who were not confirmed as youth often find themselves seeking greater unity with the Church later in life. Our community values those who yearn to share more fully in the life of the community.

Candidates meet and study throughout the year to examine their faith and the Sacrament of Confirmation. Adult confirmation occurs during the Easter Season here at The Basilica of Saint Mary.

Scripture clearly testifies to the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian initiation. However, there is no record of a particular rite of confirmation.

Early Christians left no evidence about their specific understanding of a rite of confirmation. There is some testimony that the bishop used the same oil during the initiation rites (anointing with water and oil and sharing the Eucharist).

By the 5th century, the connection was made between anointing and the coming of the Holy Spirit. However, the anointing happened in conjunction with the water bath and the celebration of the Eucharist: the three rites of initiation.

As Christianity spread, the rites of initiation changed in different parts of the Church. In general, the Church in the West felt that the connection between the bishop and the anointing was more important than the sequence and connection between the sacraments of initiation. As a result, separate rites of baptism with water, confirmation and first Communion developed.

Confirmation is the second sacrament of initiation and it follows Baptism.

It essentially consists of a prayer to call down the Holy Spirit and an anointing with sacred Chrism (oil).

Through this sacrament, Christians are given strength and promised the gifts of the Holy Spirit with which to live out their baptismal covenant.

Confirmation complements baptism and both lead to the Eucharist. The faithful are born anew in baptism, strengthened by confirmation and sustained by the Eucharist.

For more information or to get involved contact:

Katie Wethli

Coordinator of Sacramental Preparation

Katie joined The Basilica staff in August 2023. Her previous roles include Director of Music at Saint…