Creation Justice

The Basilica Community is Seeking Justice for Creation

In his encyclical Laudato Si,’ Pope Francis calls Catholics to join together to build a new Common Home - a healthy, thriving planet - through dialogue and action. The Basilica community has responded to this call by forming the Creation Justice Committee (CJC) which focuses on the pursuit of justice for God’s creation, and the restoration of nature and communities. Indeed, we believe that the restoration of humanity is inextricably linked to the restoration of nature. 

The members of CJC are building on the foundation laid by The Basilica’s previous sustainability efforts by organizing an environmental initiative that, grounded in our Catholic faith, further centers justice for all of creation. We seek to provide new and novel opportunities for members of our community to learn and serve, with hope of inspiring what the Pope calls an ‘ecological conversion.’ We are excited to: explore ways we can support The Basilica in more fully aligning with the Pope’s vision as laid out in the encyclical, discover ways this ministry can help The Basilica achieve its mission including sharing our faith in word and deed, and witness how the spirituality of creation justice work serves as a pathway for deeper encounters of Christ. 

Laudato Si,’