George Floyd Memorial Prayer May 25, 2023

God of never-ending mercy, trusting in you we ask:

grant eternal happiness to George Floyd on the third anniversary of his death, and to all those who suffered a shameful and cruel death.

Wrap their families round with your restorative love and healing mercy,

and change the hearts of those who inflict senseless suffering and inhuman treatment of others.

God of boundless love, trusting in you we ask:

do not allow our rich diversity to be a source of division,

but fashion us into the one colorful human tapestry you imagined.

Root out all forms of racism from our society and institutions,

and liberate our world from any and all forms of supremacy.

God of unrelenting reconciliation, trusting in you we ask:

grant us endurance as we struggle for a society built on truth, and freed from all lies,

give us perseverance as we work toward a world united by love, and liberated from al hatred,

and bestow on us the resilience needed to strive for a community beaming with healing and hope, lifted out of darkness and despair.

God of limitless forgiveness, trusting in you we ask:

pardon us for any wrongs we did unto others,

grant us the grace to seek forgiveness and to forgive,

and bring healing to any relationships that are strained or broken.

God of everlasting peace, trusting in you we ask:

calm our troubled hearts and grant us peace of mind,

quiet our anxious thoughts and clothe us with serenity,

soothe our weary souls and embrace us with your love.

God of eternal wisdom, trusting in you we ask:

grant us kindness in all our thoughts, gentleness in all our words,

and generosity in all our deeds.

Inspire us to resist the sin of indifference and speak out for those in need,

and guide us in ways that will bring about the world you imagined for us.

We offer this prayer through Christ our Lord.