Grateful for Your Support of Our Parish November 4, 2023

The year 2023 has passed by in a blur. As I consider all that has happened my heart is filled with gratitude. My circle of friends and my colleagues at work have rallied around me personally, and our parishioners and friends have supported The Basilica this past year in so many ways.

This past winter, I took a bad spill on the ice, broke my ankle and was laid up for much longer than I anticipated. Friends, colleagues and parish members helped me through this time with support through notes, prayers, visits and covering my work while I was on medical leave. They invited me to stay connected at The Basilica, but also gave me the space and time I needed to heal. The support I received lifted me up and helped me move ahead.

I am also very grateful for the support our parish has received in so many ways. People have returned to church in increasing numbers which is so wonderful to see. There is nothing quite as vibrant and dynamic as The Basilica when it is filled and humming with parishioners and visitors. I have a bird’s eye view to watch The Basilica fill for liturgies, weddings, concerts and more, and then as people depart in twos and threes, return to a quiet contemplative space.

Earlier this year, as the parish faced financial challenges, many people stepped up to help. Volunteers on our Finance Committee are leading a Long Term Task Force to evaluate, plan and set goals for a more stable future. However, as we approach the calendar year-end, our parish still faces strong headwinds. We again find ourselves behind on income compared to our budget.

We have a new way for you to support our parish. We are excited to announce The Basilica’s first ever – “Day of Giving” on November 16. This “Day of Giving” will coincide with Minnesota’s traditional “Give to the Max Day.”

Several donors have committed a total of $25,000 to promote participation in The Basilica’s “Day of Giving.”

You can make your gifts at Just select “Giving Day” under gift designation. And, you don’t have to wait until November 16. Make your gift, select “Giving Day” and it will be doubled until we reach the $25,000 cap.

The Basilica Fund supports everything you love – beautiful liturgies, inspiring music, speakers on topics like the Eucharist and Catholic Social Teaching, learning and sacramental for our children and so much more. Please consider how you can help The Basilica stay the course to sustain and grow our ministries to meet the needs in our parish, our neighborhood, and our city.

Perhaps most important is your continued participation and engagement as active members of our parish community. If you are like me, I have received much more from our parish community than I have given. Being able to grow in my faith, build relationships and participate in a parish that cares for its members as well as those who need our support in the city around us, are gifts for which I’m truly grateful.

Terri Ashmore
Managing Director of Mission Advancement
The Basilica of Saint Mary