Volunteer Opportunities of the Greatest Need

Emmaus Listening

Listening Ministers are highly trained with active listening skills. Prospects interview, train, and complete an internship. Initial commitment: 2 years.

Contact Wendy Caduff to volunteer. Call 612.317.3474 or Email Wendy

RCIA sponsors

Sponsors accompany an adult inquiring about becoming Catholic with prayer, attending Mass, and meeting regularly through the year.

Contact Christine Moore to volunteer. Call 612.317.3508 or Email Christine


Rectory Receptionist

Greet all who contact us with compassion and courtesy, discern needs and assist accordingly, in a professional and hospitable environment.

Contact Kris McBride to volunteer. Call 612.317.3518 or Email Kris

Refugee/Immigration Welcome

Partnering with Lutheran Social Service, develop a relationship with a refugee/ immigrant family, helping them learn about/assimilate to U.S. life. 

Contact Janice Andersen at 612.317.3477 or Email Janice


Usher & Greeter

Model Christ’s compassion and warmth to all who enter our doors. Greet guests, receive the collection, and distribute newsletters.

Contact Rámond Mitchell to volunteer. Call 612.317.3433 or Email Rámond