Help Sustain and Grow Basilica Ministries September 29, 2023

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What drew you to The Basilica? We have asked new members this question at welcome brunches. Through the years, their answers have been amazingly consistent. Inspiring Liturgies . . . beautiful music . . . thought-provoking homilies . . . and feeling welcome and at home . . . are common answers. Others share they are new to town post college, or moved here for work and were church shopping. Young couples are preparing for marriage and families with small children are interested in sacramental preparation and faith formation.

As members, we hope you are finding a spiritual home at The Basilica that helps nurture and grow your faith. If you value your experiences, we ask you to make a commitment to The Basilica Fund. Your financial gifts make all our ministries possible. Your support keeps the lights on, funds staff and volunteer partnerships to lead ministries, makes sure our buildings are clean and ready for all who come to worship, learn and volunteer.

Moving past COVID, we are still working to build back attendance, participation and giving. In recent years, inflation has taken a toll. The combination of COVID and inflation has had serious impacts. The good news is people are coming back. Mass attendance increased 22% over last year, and people are coming back to programs, returning to volunteer and are generous, but we have yet to return to pre-COVID levels.

It is only with your financial help that we can sustain and grow our ministries, draw people back to The Basilica and continue our work in the city.

To sustain our ministries this year, we need to raise 15% more than last year, or an extra $465,000. Costs for heating and electricity are up, general insurance and health insurance are up, and the list goes on.
Many of you have already set up recurring gifts and give through auto withdrawal from your bank account, or by credit card. We are grateful for your support. As a recurring giver, I let my gift roll forward with no increase for a number of years. This year, I am going to increase my giving and I hope you will too.

Please increase your support of The Basilica Fund for the coming year if you can. You are the only person who knows the giving level that works for you. We hope you consider making a pledge or a commitment of a recurring gift for the coming year. These gifts are simple to set up. Most people give monthly through auto-withdrawal from their bank, or by credit card.

Your gifts are an expression of your faith, like going to mass, or serving as a ministry volunteer. Teresa of Avila challenges us to consider the importance of our own faith journeys. She wrote that Christ has no hands and feet on earth but ours – that Christ works through us, speaks through us, and sees the world through our eyes.

Please help us continue to carry out our vision to be a home of spiritual nourishment, a beacon of hope committed to welcome everyone with respect and dignity, and an advocate for change working for just and peace.

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Terri Ashmore
Managing Director | Executive Director
The Basilica of Saint Mary | The Basilica Landmark