Ministries & Education

Serving you, our congregation, and our community. Deepen your connection to the Church, our community, and to God. The Basilica offers many opportunities for people of all ages!

  • Learn about your Catholic faith
  • Explore your faith and spirituality
  • Get involved with charity and service
  • Work for justice in our local and global community
  • Find support in times of need
  • Join a liturgical team
  • Explore the connection of art and faith
Liturgical ministry team

Answer God’s Call to Serve

Live out your faith, give back to your parish, and answer God’s call to serve your neighbors. Be a part of the dedicated community that makes worship here so meaningful.

Request a Prayer

One of the many roles of the Church, the Body of Christ, is to pray. We pray for the world, for the broader community and for the needs of The Basilica community. Your prayer submissions are greatly honored and respected.