Middle School and High School Curriculum Texts
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Christine Moore


Middle School and High School Faith Formation

Special COVID-19 Plan:

We are moving ahead with a plan for fall programs.  Like every pandemic plan, it is subject to change if our situation improves or declines.  We had to consider many things, including: the square footage of space we have available, the age of the student and their ability to social distance, the materials we have access to, our catechists willingness to participate, the length of time it takes to properly clean and sanitize a space, and the thoughts of our participating families, not to mention the % of positive cases in the county.  Please know that the plan described here will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis and we will make changes to keep our students and volunteers safe and offer the best possible programs we are able to.  
This fall the plan is as follows:

Middle School & High School Grades 
(hybrid model, meeting in-person monthly in Sept./Oct. moving to every other week in-person and distance learning classes)
- A fall Parent Meeting live and recorded to learn about program materials
-Youth Bibles and other materials sent home
-Monthly moving to biweekly in person Zoom and Google Classroom Lesson, middle school one week 
 and high school the next to keep numbers low
-Following guidelines of the CDC, we will not be serving meals. 

Each family will receive a prayer table package which may include:  liturgical color linens, candle, mini cross, holy water, prayers, Mary card, and a rosary.  Families should reach out to me if they are in need of a Bible.

All sacramental lessons for Confirmation will be done within the regular class.  

Materials will be distributed in the fall at a drive-by pick-up and will include craft materials and worksheets through the month of December.  Families will need to have basic supplies like scissors, glue, pencils, and markers or crayons on hand. Once materials are distributed, a parent meeting will take place to learn about our new texts and how our programs will work.

We will not be able to make programs work without your help.  We still need some catechists.  We will need "hall monitors" to be present in virtual classrooms and on campus with our youth.  Hall monitors on campus would need to be willing to help check-in our youth by taking temperatures, asking health questions, directing students to use hand sanitizers, and monitoring hallways during class.  All virtual classes need to have two adults present with background checks, a code of conduct, and safety training.  The good news is that our Archdiocese has now moved to on-line Virtus classes.  These classes can be done at home at your convenience.  

Please feel free to contact us if you are willing to help in any way, or if you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at 612.317.3439 or cmoore@mary.org. Jolane can be reached at 612.317.3414 or jjones@mary.org.
Let us pray together for healing in the lives of those who are ill, in thanksgiving for essential workers, and in gratitude for the opportunities we have to continue learning.
Christine Moore
Coordinator of Learning and Sacraments for Children and Youth

In-Person Sundays from 5:30-7:00pm

Youth in Grades 6-10 are encouraged to attend the 4:30Mass and then join us in the school at 5:30pm for a light meal.   Our new Middle School curriculum will feature the Break Through Bible, using Biblical literacy to touch young people’s hearts and minds. Within the Break Through Bible are reflections based on the art work of Odessa Sawyer, which will encourage youth to embrace the people and events of the scriptures they are learning about. In addition, catechists will supplement this curriculum with art lessons from Loyola’s Finding God Through Art and the Finding God guided meditations, as well as the Catholic Connections text from St. Mary’s Press which provides students with the Church’s teachings. These materials provide catechists with a variety of relevant materials to engage our youth in spiritual growth. All texts will remain “classroom sets” and will remain at church.

Students in Grades 9 and 10 will each receive their own copy of The Catholic Youth Bible. These Bibles are the student’s to keep, write in, make notes in the margins, etc. We hope to foster an intimate relationship between each young person and God. Together, youth will practice Lectio Divina, acquire Biblical literacy, and discuss the relationship between the Bible and the Catholic practices and teachings. A section throughout The Catholic Youth Bible called Challenge encourages youth to put their faith into action. This Biblical curriculum will be paired with Live It! Change the World with Everyday Faith, The Catholic Youth Prayer Book, and The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth (all from St. Mary’s Press). 



Youth in 10th Grade will be preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, and will look deeper into the following topics: Catholic Identity and Personal Spiritual Growth, Social Justice/Service, the Sacraments, the Power of the Holy Spirit, Personal Relationship with Christ, and Discipleship. During the 10th Grade, students will be asked to log 15 hours of community service, attend worship on a regular basis and attend a retreat. Please read our Sacrament Policy for more information.


Basilica YES - Youth Engaged in Service

Students in 11-12th Grade are invited to participate in Basilica YES. This group will meet virtually this fall to engage in youth planned service projects. In 2019-2020 these young people collected candy for The Ronald McDonald House, made bags for Days for Girls, engaged the parish in a hat/mitten drive for St. Vincent de Paul Outreach, and participated in many other service projects on campus. Registered students are welcome to come whenever they are free. (Registrations are only required once for emergency contact purposes.)


2020-2021 Registration

Our program runs from September to May. Registration is from April through August.  
Registration is now online.

Detailed information about this year's program can be found here.

If you join The Basilica after our program year starts, we still warmly welcome you to enroll your children for the balance of the program year, provided there is enough space in class and our ratio of  certified catechists/children is met. 


Weekly Youth Meal (suspended during Fall 2020)

Each week, the youth gather prior to programming to share a meal. Please help us offset the cost of this by contributing here.