Parish Council Elections – Holy Spirit, Be Our Guide! March 7, 2024

Annually, The Basilica of Saint Mary community, holds elections to determine which of our fellow parishioners will serve on the Parish Council.  Serving in this capacity, parishioners assist Fr. Griffith in identifying how Christian Life, Liturgy, our Ministries and Services can be further enriched here at The Basilica and within our surrounding community.  Fr. Griffith and members of the Parish Council lean on the Holy Spirit to guide us as we discern our path forward, aspiring to be a home of spiritual nourishment, a bacon of hope, and an advocate for change.

This year, the Parish Council has assisted Fr. Griffith with discovering ways we can build up our parish community while we simultaneously go out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Currently we are shifting our focus to The Basilica’s Strategic Plan and finding ways our current efforts of “Building Up and Going Out” align with the goals of our Strategic Plan.

Serving as a Parish Council Member is an integral role in our parish, and we look forward to the coming elections.

This year there are two elected positions open:

· Learning

· Christian Life

Each of these positions are held for a three-year term (2024-2027).  The Parish Council gathers monthly from September through May with Fr. Griffith to discuss and discern the needs and desires of the Parish community.

According to our Parish Council Constitution, “The role of the Council is to be sensitive to the needs, ambitions and desires of the Parish community as the Parish fulfills its mission as stated in the Parish mission statement.  The Council brings these insights and sensitivities to the Pastor/Rector in the form of recommendations or suggestions so that the Pastor/Rector can make informed decisions.”

The election process will begin officially on March 23 with the nomination process.  We invite and encourage parish members to submit names of fellow parishioners to serve in this capacity.  Parishioners can also nominate themselves!  Are you being called to assist Fr. Griffith in a role on the Parish Council?

The deadline to submit names for nomination is April 15.  After nominations are received, the Parish Council Nominations Committee will review nominations and select at least two nominees to run for the council.  All nominees will be notified of the results and those running will be asked to provide a photograph and a brief biography by April 21.  Elections will take place May 29 through June 10.

We ask all parishioners to take some time to listen to the Holy Spirit.  Who from our community would be a good addition to the Parish Council?  A neighbor?  A spouse?  You? 

The Basilica of Saint Mary needs your input and your voice.  Thank you in advance and may you enjoy a fruitful Lenten Season!

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Jennifer Lange

Parish Council, Vice Chair
The Basilica of Saint Mary