Proposed Strategic Focus Areas May 15, 2024

Dear Parishioners and Friends of The Basilica of Saint Mary,

Below, you will find eight key strategic focus areas which will guide the parish through the end of December 2026. These were developed after months of consultation with parishioners, friends, and staff. These consultations occurred through listening sessions, focus groups, working sessions with parish leaders, conversations with the parish council and finance council, and other forums that solicited feedback and input regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the parish, including dialogue about what our strategic focus areas should be in the coming months. These focus areas are built upon the last strategic plan which ended in 2023. I use the word “proposed” in the title because I will consult again the parish council and finance council in late spring as well as our trustees, managing directors, and other parish leaders before we arrive at a final list.

The final parish strategic plan will also include a preamble that will set forth important assumptions, principles, and a spiritual foundation. For example, a parish exists as a spiritual home and communion of Christ’s disciples. The ministries and work of the parish should provide a bridge to the spiritual lives of parishioners, friends, and visitors so that our engagement with The Basilica would lead to a deepened and meaningful encounter with God, one another, and those in need. This must be the key through which the mission, ministries, and strategic vision of the parish is understood. Is the work that we do at The Basilica fostering our growth in faith, deepening our communion with one another, inspiring us to announce the saving love of God and providing the impetus to help our sisters and brothers most in need? In addition to the final strategic plan, we will also identify a process by which we will effectuate the strategic goals and focus areas that have been set forth. As you know, goals and focus areas mean nothing unless there is an effective way to bring them to life and sustain them.

I welcome your thoughts and thank all those who took part in the countless listening sessions, focus groups, and other forums and committees which helped us arrive at these core focus areas. Thank you for your commitment to our parish community. Please pray that the Spirit will continue to guide as and that our patron, Mary, the Mother of God, would continue to graciously intercede on our behalf.

Gratefully in Christ,
Fr. Daniel Griffith

Proposed Strategic Focus Areas for
The Basilica of Saint Mary


Fr. Daniel Griffith

Meaningful Engagement of Multiple Generations and Personalities of Parishioners in Programming, Ministries, Events, Volunteering, and in Parish Life

Retain Talented, Committed, and Healthy Staff

Improve Marketing and Enhance Communications with a Focus on Telling Our Stories, and Engaging People Outside of the Parish to Foster Growth and Dynamism

In this Time of Global Polarization, Brokenness, and Uncertainty, Focus on Mental Health and Healing Ministries to Foster Greater Health and Wholeness

Assess All Parish Ministries, Activities, and Events According to Capacity, Impact, and Strategic Mission Fit – “Bless and Release” Those which Lacks Capacity, Impact, and Mission Fit

Build on Parish Strengths and Address Weaknesses – Do Not Weaken a Strength to Strengthen a Weakness (Liturgy, Music, and the Arts & Christian Life and Outreach are Clear Strengths as Communicated by Many Parishioners)

Strengthen Parish Culture of Inclusivity and Accompaniment – Where All are Truly Welcomed and Supported on Their Journey of Faith

Build a Culture of Financial Sustainability – Creatively Raise New Income