Quinceañera Planning

We are excited that you have chosen to plan your Quinceañera at The Basilica of Saint Mary. This outline will help guide you through the process.

Even though Quinceañeras are not technically a sacrament, it is still a significant cultural ritual. The event should be treated with the same respect and preparation that would be expected for the sacraments. Our whole faith community should support every young lady who approaches her Quinceañera to renew her baptismal promises, receive communion, and make an act of consecration to the Virgin Mary. It is a great act of faith to honor herself and her religion.

Ceremony Requirements

Ceremony Requirements 

  1. Rehearsal is to be scheduled the day prior to the celebration. Everyone involved should attend the rehearsal.  
  1. A Quinceañera usually takes about 1 hour. 
  1. The Family should find readers for the bible readings and the petitions. (1-3 people) (1-2 if you know a deacon will be present to read the petitions) 
  1. The Family should also find 2 Gift Bearers, 2 Eucharistic Ministers 
  1. Please limit the number of Damas to no more than eight and the number of Chambelanes to seven.
  1. No pets will be allowed in the Quinceañera. 
  1. No signs in the procession. 
  1. Readings will be provided for you to choose from.  Choosing these before choosing music can be helpful. 

     9.  Music should be chosen from the approved list. 

Other Concerns

  1. Liturgical furnishing are sacred; They may not be moved, removed, or replaced. 
  1. Flowers and plants should be real. 
  1. Bubble machines, balloons, and karaoke machines may not be used at any time before, during or after the Quinceañera. 
  1. The throwing of rice, birdseed, rose petals, potpourri, confetti, etc. is prohibited on church property for cleanliness and safety. 
  1. Food and beverages are not permitted within the sacred worship space.


Quinceañera Readings

Old Testament (First) Readings 

You may use the below selection or the reading for the day. 

Jeremiah 1:4-10  

New Testament (Second) Readings 

You may use the reading for the day.  

Gospel Readings 

The Gospel must be from the readings for the day. 


You are not required to use Basilica musicians.  However...



Church Fee: $500 Non-Refundable
Paid along with the Signing of the Contract
Online Payment

Priest | Deacon Fee: $150
Paid 2 weeks prior to the Quincenera

Organist | Pianist: $225
Cantor: $175
Instrumentalist: Union Wage
Paid 2 weeks prior to the Quincenera

Contracted Musician:
Mariachi Band: Paid Directed to Outside Contracted Musicians

Questions? Please Contact:

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Executive Assistant

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