Mass Intentions

Requests for a Mass Intention are available Monday-Friday either for the 7:00am Mass or Noon Mass. Mass Intentions can only be made one year in advance. 

Mass Intentions for the dead should be marked with a (+) in front of the name. Mass Intentions for special occasions (wedding anniversary, anniversary of a death) should be marked with an (*) at the end of the name. In certain circumstances, intentions may need to be moved to another date. For this reason a telephone number is required on this request form. If you requesting a specific date and time, your request may not be available as the mass intention for that date and/or the time might already be taken. Submission of the request is not a confirmation. You will receive a separate acknowledgment from a staff member within two business days to confirm your Mass request or inform you that another time and/or day needs to be selected. For requests with multiple dates for Mass Intentions, we only accept six requests with one request per week.

A Mass Intention for a particular Mass should be made for a singular person such as John Doe.  A grouping of individuals such as the Smith Family or Mr. & Mrs. Jones are considered a singular intention.

Recommend Stipend for a Mass Offering is $10.00

You may pay this amount via mail (check or money order) or pay online.  An email will be sent to you confirming the date and time. A Link will be included in the email for online payment should you wish to use that option.

Submit request

Submit payment

Do not submit your payment until you recieve confirmation that you request has been accepted.

If you are financially unable to offer a stipend, please contact Mark Wyss.