2021 Basilica Magazine Fall

Basilica Magazine Fall 2021

Inside this issue

Angels Unawares
A sculpture by Timothy Schmalz
by Johan M.J. van Parys, Ph.D.

Basilica Homecoming
Renew & Reconnect
by Mae Desaire

Shelter Me
Our hearts’ song during the pandemic
by Teri Larson

Archbishop Hebda
Celebrating five years
by Eileen Bock

From Patent Law to Priesthood
Fr. Mike Reinhardt
by Rachel Newman Hogness

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)
Our call to heal and grow together
by Frank Christopher

New Faces, New Roles
Welcoming team members to The Basilica staff
by Elyse Rethlake

Welcome Dr. Katherine Crawford Luber
Mia’s Nivin and Duncan MacMillan
Director and President
by Johan M.J. van Parys, Ph.D.

Our Sacred Arts
New acquisitions to The Basilica collections
by Kathy Dhaemers

A Virtual Basilica
Expanding our online ministry
by Mae Desaire

The Spirit of Generosity
Reflections on giving
by Sue McGuigan

Basilica Block Party 2021
Back on the block