John XXIII Gallery

John XXIII Gallery

Sacred art in all its forms

As our Mission states, The Basilica is commited to the celebration of the Sacred Arts, both acoustical and visual. To further this goal we established our Pope John XXIII Gallery in the Year of Jubilee 2000. Since then we have hosted numerous local, national and international artists for solo or group exhibitions.

Art exhibited has ranged from textiles, to wood, to canvas, to sculpture, to photography, to multi-media installations.

The content of the art is to be sacred, understood in the broad sense of the word. Some sacred art clearly tells the story of our faith or the faith of other religious traditions. Other art is sacred because, like religion itself it deals with our fundamental human questions.

If you yourself or someone you know would be interested in exhibiting in our Gallery please contact Kathy Dhaemers at 612.317.3438.

Gallery hours

Sundays: 7:30am–6:00pm

Saturdays: 11:00am – 6:00pm

Other times by appointment.