Safe Hospitality: Entering The Basilica December 16, 2023

Starting Saturday, December 16 we will be limiting entrance points into the church. 

We will be changing several church doors to exit only.

  • Far East and far West Hennepin front doors (the center 3 door will remain 2-way access)
  • West center doors (Mary Garden)
  • North East door – Near Cowley parking lot 
  • Ground level East door.

*Both the handicap accessible doors will remain 2-way access.

map outline_v.4


Planning and Prevention

Joe Cybert, Director of Safety and Security, will be leading our team of staff and volunteers to implement strategic safety enhancements throughout The Basilica and the surrounding campus. We are taking a broad approach to security by enhancing our staffing and technology resources to implement a plan that is both inclusive and welcoming, while balancing our need for safety. Our goal is a 100% safe and secure campus for our parishioners and guests.