Safe Environment Information The Basilica strives for an environment where all individuals are treated with respect

Our Commitment

This requires the attention and commitment of every employee and volunteer to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with policies of The Basilica and to avoid behaviors that are harassing, abusive or inconsistent with our expectations.

Adult Volunteer's Code of Conduct - All adult volunteers (those 18 and older) are required to read and sign this form, regardless of their role at The Basilica.

If you suspect abuse, your first call should be to law enforcement. You can also contact the Archdiocese’s Victim Assistance Program at 651-291-4475.

It is the policy of The Basilica to provide a healthy, safe environment for those receiving and providing its ministries. The Basilica emphasizes building healthy relationships among its various constituencies, including staff, contractors, volunteers and persons to whom The Basilica ministers.

Healthy relationships are free of any kind of abuse, neglect or exploitation, whether physical, verbal/psychological, sexual, or financial or position-related exploitation, and free of harassment based on race, creed, ethnic background, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or receipt of public assistance. Abusive behavior may be a single incident or a persistent pattern where the purpose or effect is to create a hostile, offensive or intimidating environment.

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Adult Volunteer's Code of Conduct - All adult volunteers (those 18 and older) are required to read and sign this form, regardless of their role at The Basilica.

Youth Volunteer Code of Conduct - The Basilica asks our children and youth who serve our community to sign a Code of Conduct crafted specifically for them.

Volunteer Policies and Procedures - Archdiocesan Safe Environment policies, including the need for background checks.

Office for Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment - From the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis - how to report suspected abuse plus other valuable information and resources.   

For information and instructions on how to complete VIRTUS safe environment requirements, please log into your VIRTUS account and look for any red pending links.

Every volunteer over age 18 is asked to sign the Archdiocesan Volunteer Code of Conduct annually. 

In accordance with Archdiocesan Safe Environment policies, The Basilica conducts background checks and may require VIRTUS "Essential 3" Safe Environment training for all persons who volunteer in positions involving risk, particularly those serving children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Volunteers are required to go through a re-credentialing process every three years.

A driving record check is completed on all volunteers who drive as part of their responsibilities and a credit check on those who handle large sums of money.

Some roles at The Basilica are confidential in nature, whether they involve The Basilica’s financial information, parishioner information, or the names of those seeking assistance from the parish. If a volunteer breaches this commitment of confidentiality, his/her volunteer relationship with The Basilica may be terminated.

We will contact volunteers with additional requirements, or email Melissa Streit to learn what credentials you may need.

Quick Links:

Online Code of Conduct Form

Online Background Check Authorization Form
(please only complete of you are notified this is a requirement for your ministry)


For the specific requirements you will need to complete, and instructions on how to complete every requirement, please log into your VIRTUS account at and look for any red pending links.

Here are helpful guides for either creating a new account in VIRTUS or getting re-certified.

If you are setting up a new VIRTUS account: VIRTUS Account Registration Guide 07 2021

If you have an existing VIRTUS accountRe Credentialing Guide 07 2021

Questions? Please Contact:

Melissa Streit

Director of Engagement and Safe Environment Coordinator

Melissa Streit has been a parish member and active volunteer at The Basilica for 25 years. She…