Thank you, Teri Larson! June 20, 2023

Teri Larson- Photo Gallery through the years
Newsletter Column from Fr. Daniel Griffith
9:30am Mass- Streetsong Prelude
9:30am Mass- Introit and Processional Hymn
9:30am Mass- World Premiere of Loving Tenderness by Dr. Donald Krubsack
9:30am Mass- Hymn of Thanks
Closing song at every Cathedral Choir rehearsal. “You Lord, have given so much to me. Give me one thing more: a grateful heart, not thankful only when it pleases me, but a heart whose pulse may always give You praise!”
9:30am Mass- Postlude with Cathedral Choir and alumni choir members
9:30am Mass- Comments from Fr. Dan Griffith and Archbishop Bernard Hedda
9:30am Mass — Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (entire Mass recording)