The Basilica Fund Kick-Off October 1, 2023

A Message from Fr. Daniel Griffith: Building Up and Going Out – With Your Help

What a legacy of faith we have at The Basilica of Saint Mary. The heart of the Church is here, where God walks with people in tenderness and love. And, when we follow God’s lead and humbly give God the glory, great things can happen.

This weekend, you will hear about the importance of supporting The Basilica Fund during all Masses. Please consider a financial commitment to The Basilica Fund to help sustain and grow our impactful ministries.

Making a recurring gift is a transformative way of supporting your parish—it is a powerful expression of faith, and it also helps us plan financially for the future.

Your gift will foster opportunities for future growth as we seek to build up a Basilica community that is healthy, vibrant, and sustainable and to go out to our broader community with the message of God’s transformative love.


Thank you for all that you do to support The Basilica of Saint Mary.

Fr. Daniel Griffith
Pastor and Rector